Meet our Optometrist team

John Houston

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Owner and Company director 

Having spent the first couple of decades travelling through all outback parts of Queensland, Northern Territory and the Torres Strait to areas without an optical service, it was time to settle down from the transient lifestyle to something a little more permanent. I was offered a position with a large optical chain to manage the group of 30 practices, that job lasted for almost 10 years. It was most rewarding and certainly challenging but by 1998 it was time to move on again. Budget Eyewear Morayfield (then 3 years old), a practice struggling to survive, was up for sale. I thought at the time “I can make that successful”. So, I bought it. In less than 2 years we were voted Franchisee of the Year (2000) by our peers and again in 2002. In 2014 we became truly independent with a new name "Morayfield Eyewear", new fit out, new colours …. same old faces.  

Geoff Grounds



B.AppSc (Optom)

There are so many optometrists named Geoff that I guess it was my destiny to become one also (I'm glad my parents didn't name me Jeeves!).

It turns out I'm a pretty good fit as an optometrist, as I enjoy the detective work to "problem solve" and I'm very interested in communicating my findings to customers, so they know what's going on.

Away from work I enjoy baking, wrangling my 3 offspring, and being a devoted and obedient husband.

Jocelyn-Kate Henderson




Cert Oc. Therapeutics.

You could say my interest in optometry began as a 4 year old getting her first pair of glasses and has grown ever since. I enjoy working in various areas of my profession and wear a few hats during the week including clinical supervision of optometry students, working alongside a cataract/glaucoma surgeon, and general eye testing here at Morayfield. I enjoy helping people achieve their best vision and eye health. When I'm not at work I like to spend time with my family, play my violin and ukelele, relax outdoors, and other crafty things. Realistically though, I'm usually just running around trying to clean the house and keep up with my toddler (who also wears glasses)!

Kim Aspin


Optical Assistant

Hi there, my name is Kim and I’ve been in optics for many years.  I first started with a large optical chain back in the late 80’s, the trends then were very different to now.  I joined Morayfield Eyewear in early 2000’s, I enjoy working for a small independent practice. I feel it’s more personalised with customer service.  Away from work I enjoy my time with family, fur kids and friends.

Shannon Ralph-Young

Optical assistant

Optical Assistant 

My passion for optics started with my first set of “full time” glasses at age 19. I love wearing them and have amassed quite a collection over the years. It didn’t hurt that I could also see clearly for the first time. I started working in the industry when my husband and I moved south in 2010. Since then I have added a few (or a lot) of frames to my collection. I love the process behind choosing the perfect pair and watching it change the life of someone with poor vision, hearing a child tell you about all the leaves on the trees they can see now, or an adult being able to sit and read their favorite book again is very special.